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About The Dietetic Internship Program

Program Cost and Payment Schedule
Total Cost: $8,000

• A non-refundable payment of $4,000 is due one month prior to the start of the dietetic internship.
• The remaining non-refundable $4,000 is due by the end of the first orientation day.
• Medical City does not offer stipends and/or financial aid; however, there are options for scholarships and funding through the Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  

The following items are included in the internship fee:

Food and Beverage Allowance (at all MCH facilities)
Hospital Computer and Library Privileges

Background check and immunizations

Trajecsys Online Portal Access

eatrightPREP Access

The following items are not included in the internship fee:
Application Fee = $75

Student Academy membership = $58 
Student Dallas Academy membership= $20 

Texas Academy Annual Conference and Expo Fee = $200 (hotel and travel not included)
Calculator = $15 
Lab Coat and Non-Skid Shoes = $150 
Identification badge = $30 (refundable at program completion)
Texas Food Handler’s Certification = $55 
Transportation to/from rotation sites = $900 per year
Personal reference texts and supplies = $500
Personal laptop = $500

Webcam = $35 and Headset with Microphone = $30 (if not built into your laptop)
Health insurance = varies

Automobile liability insurance = varies
Professional liability insurance = $24 
Housing = $700-900 per month
Inman Review Course for RD Exam = $385

*Please note that all expenses are estimates only.

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