About The Dietetic Internship Program

Program Cost and Payment Schedule
Total Cost: $8,000
• A non-refundable payment of $4,000 is due one month prior to the start of the dietetic internship.
• The remaining non-refundable $4,000 is due by the end of the first orientation day.
• Medical City does not offer stipends and/or financial aid; however, there are options for scholarships and funding through the Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  

The following items are included in the internship fee:

Hospital Computer and Library Privileges

Background check and immunizations

The following items are not included in the internship fee:
Application Fee= $75

Student Academy membership = $50 
Student Dallas Academy membership= $10 

Texas Academy Annual Conference and Expo Fee= $125 (hotel and travel not included)
Calculator = $15 (one time fee)
Lab Coat and Non Skid Shoes = $150 (one time)
Identification badge = $30 (one time fee)
City of Dallas Food Handler’s Certification  = $55 (one time fee)
Personal automobile transportation = varies
Personal reference texts and supplies = $350
Personal computer or laptop = varies
Health insurance = varies
Professional liability insurance = $24 (annually)
Housing = varies
Review for RD Exam = $385 (one time fee)