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About The Dietetic Internship Program

Mission Statement

“We are committed to preparing dietetic interns with a high quality supervised practice experience in accordance with ACEND's standards which lead to eligibility for CDR credentialing exam and to prepare these interns to become entry level Registered Dietitian Nutritionists and future leaders in the dietetic profession.”

Program Goals and Outcome Measures

Goal #1: Prepare graduates who have attained the core professional competencies as defined by the Accreditation Standards of the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics to successfully pass the Registration Examination for Dietitians.
   • Outcome measures #1: At least 80% of program interns complete program/degree requirements within 16 months (150% of the program length).
   • Outcome measures #2: At least 90% of program graduates take the CDR credentialing exam for dietitian nutritionists within 12 months of program completion.

    • Outcome measures #3: The program’s one-year pass rate (graduates who pass the registration exam within one year of first attempt) on the CDR credentialing exam for dietitian nutritionists is at least 80%.

    • Outcome measures #4: Greater than or equal to 95% of graduates will rate themselves “at or above” entry-level 12 months after employment when compared with other dietitians who have graduated from dietetic programs.

Goal #2: The program will benefit Medical City Healthcare, other healthcare systems, and the public by producing qualified registered dietitians and leaders.
   • Outcome measures #1: When surveyed at least 90% of employers will agree that DI graduates possess adequate skills in oral and written communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving.
   • Outcomes measure # 2: Of graduates who seek employment, 80% are employed in nutrition and dietetics or related fields within 12 months of graduation.
   • Outcome measures #3: Greater than or equal to 50% of graduates will identify at least one leadership activity they have participated in within the past 12 months.

*Medical City Healthcare Dietetic Internship Program outcome data is available upon request.

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