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 Meet The Interns

Class Of 2017 - 2018

New this year is the ability to earn 12 hours of graduate credit while you are in the dietetic internship program at Medical City. 

No extra work or assignments are required to receive the graduate credit – you just have to register and pay for the course credit!  Your Dietetic Internship Director has made an agreement with Texas Woman’s University to make this benefit possible.  Graduate credit is earned for completing the dietetic internship program at your facility.  This graduate credit should be recognized at any major university, including TWU, provided you choose a graduate degree related to the field of nutrition, dietetics or a closely related area of study.  Interested interns must register for the graduate credit before the semester begins and are responsible for paying the tuition and fees associated with the graduate course.  The benefit is only available when interns are enrolled in the dietetic internship program, not after the program is completed.  

Statistics from Class of 2015 - 2016

• Accepted 9 dietetic interns (now accepting 10)

• 100% successfully completed the Medical City Dietetic Internship Program

• 100% 1st time pass rate for the RD exam

• 89% employed within 4 months of graduating (only 1 left who started job search post wedding)

• Majority were TWU DPD Program Graduates

Lisa Presley

Texas Woman’s University

Hadley Brown

Texas Woman’s University


Mina McAnelly

Texas Woman’s University

Emma Claire Ziolkowski

University of Kentucky

Anthony Dupuis

Texas State University

Michael Hoyt

University of Colorado-Colorado Springs

Kim Trogdon

University of Colorado-Colorado Springs

Megan Nawrocki

Texas Woman's University

Brittany Philbrick

University of Texas at Austin

Caitlyn Wolf

University of Arkansas

Megan Norwood, MS, RDN, LD, CNSC

Dietetic Internship Director

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